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Science - Defined

Science is the study of the material world using human reason. The scientific method is the way human reason and logic are deductively applied to the material world to gain knowledge. It is a tool and like most tools, it has both strengths and weaknesses. Since we live in a society dominated by science, it is important for us to understand the methods, processes, possibilities and limits of science. We do not have to become specialists to do this, but it sure helps to have some first hand experience using the scientific method.

Science, by definition, limits itself to what can be observed, measured and verified. It is an appropriate tool for answering certain types of questions, but an inappropriate method for answering others.

 The scientific method cannot, for example, be used to find the answers to questions like "Does X love me?" or "Why does the giraffe have a long neck?". The reason is that feelings and meaning cannot be measured. (However, "What are the evolutionary advantages the giraffe gains through having a long neck?" is a valid question.)

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