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The Steps of a Science Fair Project Science...Defined...
The Scientific Method Judging Sheet Example


1. Observation 2. Question 3. Hypothesis 4. Method
5. Result 6. Conclusion 7. Presentation  


Choosing a question is one of the hardest parts of creating a Science Fair Project. Here are some guidelines:

  • What topic interests you?
  • What have you always wanted to know in that area?
  • Choose a question that can be answered with a YES or a NO.
  • Ask your teachers or parents for help when searching for ideas.  What do you want to know?
  • Narrow down your field of research. It is important to focus on one question. Rephrasing your question to expect a yes or no answer will help you see whether you have done this.
  • Remember: the first requirement of a scientist is curiosity. If a world-class physicist can spend hours figuring out the way curve balls work and the speed at which they work best, don't assume any question you come up with is too lowly to investigate.

Remember to keep track of your progress in your notebook.

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