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The Steps of a Science Fair Project Science...Defined...
The Scientific Method Judging Sheet Example


1. Observation 2. Question 3. Hypothesis 4. Method
5. Result 6. Conclusion 7. Presentation  


What are you interested in? Music? Cooking? Machines? Books?

  • Choose to do a project on a subject you are interested in.
  • Read all the available (age-appropriate) material on your topic you can find.
  • You can use encyclopedias.
  • Seek help from librarians.
  • Write to Federal, State, County and local agencies for information.
  • Visit a university and speak to professors or graduate students involved in your subject.
  • Contact industrial firms doing research in your project area. Don't hesitate. If you are interested, most people will assist you.

It is very important to keep a complete bibliography of all material you find and a list of people who helped you.

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