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Excellent = 4; Good = 3; Partial = 2; Attempt made = 1; Absent = 0

Science Fair Judging Sheet


Does the student demonstrate curiosity? 43210
Does the project or display demonstrate ingenuity in the design and development of the project? 43210
Has the student shown creativity in the design of the display? 43210
Scientific Thought
Is the topic or problem an appropriate subject for scientific investigation? 43210
Is the problem stated clearly? 43210
Is it sufficiently narrow? 43210
Is the method of investigation appropriate to the problem? 43210
Have variables been eliminated, controls been made and results been double-checked? 43210
Does the data collected justify the conclusion made? 43210
Is the project the result of careful planning? 43210
Does the project indicate a thorough understanding of the chosen topic? 43210
Is all information accurate? 43210
Does the notebook sufficiently document the student's work? 43210
Has sufficient data been collected? 43210
Does the display represent a complete story? 43210
Does the project reflect the student's own work? 43210
Is the project sturdy and well constructed? 43210
Is all equipment used within the student's level of understanding or expertise? 43210
Does the project meet safety requirements? 43210
Is the project self-explanatory? Can the average person understand it? 43210
Are all lettering, signs, and diagrams neat and accurate? 43210
Are lettering, signs and diagrams appropriately used or do they clutter or confuse? 43210
Are visual aids an asset to understanding the project or do they clutter or confuse? 43210
Interview Score Separately - up to 20% of end score