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The Steps of a Science Fair Project Science...Defined...
The Scientific Method Judging Sheet Example

Hypothesis in a Science Fair Project

1. Observation 2. Question 3. Hypothesis 4. Method
5. Result 6. Conclusion 7. Presentation  

The Hypothesis:

What do you think may be the answer to your question?  The hypothesis is the possible answer you will try to prove or disprove


  • Are rocks classified according to hardness, color, density? 
  • Do pillbugs prefer moist surroundings? 
  • Are people's left and right feet the same size?  
  • Does the moon always rise at the same time?  
  • Do all fluids weigh the same?  
  • How much salt will dissolve in a cup of water- and what about sugar?  
  • How do matches work?

  If you get this far and realize your question cannot be answered by the scientific method, return to step 2 and figure out whether any part of your question involves something which can be measured. If not, it is a question science can't answer. If yes, rephrase your question accordingly and continue.

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